Book - When the love is forever (Quando o amor é para sempre)

Year 1985. For many people 1985 is the year of the final transformation of Brazil. First year of Rock In Rio, Guto is a 15 years old boy trading the Federal Capital by Rio de Janeiro and invites his 7 best friends to tan night in Rock City.

On the first day, a passion appears. A Love at first sight that would transform forever the life of Guto.

While Yuri, Kiko, Alex, Leo, Peter, Fabio and Fabiano each charted their own destiny after that January 1985, Guto was the victim of Love, Passion and its irresponsibility, that only time, more precisely 24 years later would change him.

When the love is forever, cover controversial topics such as: Drugs, Sex, SIDA, Religion, Politics, Militia, Corruption, Killings and an unexpected love that changes the direction of Guto when it is about to turn 40.

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Translated by: Defelper